Hello 👋 I’m building things on the Internet since 2009.

So far I’ve been speccing into a fairly vanilla front end stack (HTML5, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript/jQuery), the more hipster back end web app framework Ruby on Rails, and some human-computer interaction design (UX). I’m recently interested in React and Node.js.

I have learned both from my own practice, and through working side by side with some amazing mentors since high school. I enjoy smaller multi-disciplinary teams, and have mostly been in startup settings where I’ve learned to play many different roles at once (from system architect to designer and project manager), but maining as a web developer.

In addition to the previous, I’ve been working with MySQL/PostgreSQL, Redis, Git, using and writing a variety of REST APIs, basic server hosting on Ubuntu with Nginx and Thin, and deploying web apps with Capistrano.



  1. System Developer @ Euro Accident

    Sep 2018 – Present

    Hired when this health insurance company bought Proactive Health, I have played a key technical role in transforming some of Proactive’s digital products into a Euro Accident business model.

    Got a SiteVision Solution Developer certificate as part of building a new company website.

    Working with HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript. Learning about WebApps in the SiteVision CMS, and what life is like in the insurance world.

  2. Developer @ Proactive Health

    Nov 2013 – Aug 2018

    Part of a small team that delivered digital health care products and services to companies across the Nordic countries.

    Worked with HTML/Sass, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript with different template engines, and Jekyll. Learned more about server hosting, deploying, and keeping large code bases agile over time.

  3. Developer @ Qubator and Monkeydancers

    Jun 2011 – Nov 2013

    Recruited into the core team of this startup/agency hybrid, I did full stack development for both our own and several client projects; some of which got viral, back in the early hype of social media.

    I got a much deeper understanding of JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, designed and built REST APIs, still wrote a lot of HTML/CSS, and learned more about Redis, product design, interaction design, and project management.

  4. Developer intern @ The Company P

    Sep 2010 – Dec 2010

    Wanting to learn more about building full stack web applications, I interned at this award-winning web agency during my senior high school year.

    I was introduced to object oriented programming with Ruby on Rails, version control systems Git/SVN, working with REST APIs, and a metric tonne of agile/SCRUM methodologies, interaction design, and product design.

  5. Web Developer @ Mozoomi

    Mar 2010 – Jun 2011

    Together with a handpicked team of MediaGymnasiet students, I interned and moonlighted for the telecom advertising startup Mozoomi.

    I did front end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and back end (PHP/MySQL) development of the company/product website, and aided in some graphical design areas.

  6. Student @ MediaGymnasiet

    Aug 2008 – Jun 2011

    The high school years. Studied web development, graphical design, and 3D design and animation, with a mix of psychology, philosophy, and photography. Occasionally substituted as teacher, and graduated with honours.

    Represented the web developers in a school exhibition in Gamla Stan, where the class demonstrated an open source augmented reality library that rendered 3D objects in your web browser through a camera viewport.

    Learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, a bit of ActionScript, and a lot about creativity.